Ability to Manage Practice Areas Added to Website

The Association of Sole Practitioners and Small Firms of Arizona previously added attorney search capability to its website. This allows a user of the website to use the Attorney Search button to search for members of the Association who practice in any of 69 different practice areas. These practice areas cover the gamut from administrative law to wrongful death. In order to implement this functionality, the Association maintains a list of practice areas for each of its members.

Until now, changes to a member’s list of practice areas had to be made via request. To simplify this process, the Association has upgraded its website to allow its members to manage their own list of practice areas. This gives members the ability to make changes that reflect the current nature and emphasis of their practice. These changes are immediately reflected in search results obtained through use of the Attorney Search button. This is another example of the way in which the Association supports its members, who provide valuable legal services to their communities.